The Fuzzy Humanities

It seems that as of late the Digital Humanities has been ruffling some feathers. It’s not so much anything that any digital humanists have done, but rather the term has become perhaps too current, and as such has come to grate on the nerves. As a fan of the digital humanities, this is one of the last things I would want. So in an attempt to help smooth things out, I whipped up a little bookmarklet that should act as a soothing balm when applied to any webpage that is suffering from an outbreak of the DH. Simply drag the little grey “Fuzzy Humanities” box down there up to your bookmark bar where it will wait until the next time you find yourself overwhelmed by the DH-word. When that happens, click it and then sit back in relief as every appearance of “digital humanities” is replaced with the one thing people want most from the internet: fuzzy kittens.

Enjoy:   Fuzzy Humanities  .

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